Bumper boats!

Tug boats in the Table Bay harbour
I've always been the biggest fan of bumper cars - it's such a pity that most funfairs don't allow people over the age of 10 or so to play on them, though. Maybe they'll let me have a go on these cool bumper boats instead?

The Enseleni (at the back) was built in Durban in 2001 and has a bollard pull of 50 tons, while the Pinotage (just in front of the Enseleni) was built way back in 1980 and has a bollard pull of 43 tons. Bollard pull is basically an indication of how strong a tug is and how much force it can exert on another vessel (although my research tells me that it is a little more complicated than that).

So just remember, if you ever get invited to play bumper boats, make sure you get the boat with the greatest bollard pull.

7 thoughts on “Bumper boats!

  1. Deems

    Kerry – we’re giving our age away by calling them bumper-cars :) I too fondly remember them at fun-fairs. When I took my kids the other day we were promptly informed by the attended that bumping is strictly forbidden, now it’s dodge ’em only :(

  2. Kerry-Anne

    Post author

    A tempting suggestion, Eleonora. :) And now that I’ve had a look at some of the gorgeous shots on your blog, I’m even more tempted. Best time of year to visit Rome?

  3. Firefly

    One of our tugs in PE smashed into the police boat the other day causeing lots of damage. Apparently there was a young whale shark in the harbour and the tug tried to miss it by swirving, hit the whale, killing it, and then taking out the police boat. Must have been something to see.

  4. Beverley

    Nice memories seeing this pic. Kerry-Ann as we used to watch the comings and goings of the ‘bumper boats’ when we were staying in the Table Bay Hotel and yes giving my age away as well I also remember the fun we had as kids when the fair visited the town back home and we could get to ride on the Bumper cars!!

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