Charter a boat in beautiful luxury

A beautiful boat

Of all the things that you could do in Cape Town, chartering a yacht must be one of the most luxurious experiences. I guess something even more luxurious would be to charter a yacht overnight and invite a few friends for a party while moored off Clifton 4th beach.

I'm not sure of the name of the vessel in this photo, but while trying to find out, I discovered that the large boat in the photo in this previous post appears to be the Princess Emma, one of the most luxurious charters available at the Cape Town Waterfront.

Given the overnight rate of approximately R40 000, I assume that it would most often be companies that would charter the vessel to either treat their employees (most likely the directors ;) ), or to impress prospective clients. Nevertheless, if you have a mere R40 000 to spend on a night's entertainment, and if you'd like to be super-popular with your friends, this sure is the way to go. :D

2 thoughts on “Charter a boat in beautiful luxury

  1. Steve H.

    That’s a great angle. What an interesting looking yacht…. I’m sure it’s well worth the price for those who can afford it. The best I could do when I visited your city was to take one of those little trips from the Victoria & Alfred waterfront out onto the water and back (The Tigresse, I think it was called). While it was fun, this is a whole other league. Fantastic shot!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Steve. You’re right, the Princess Emma is an entirely different league – but only if it’s comfort and luxury that you’re after. The views of the Mountain and coast line, and company of friends (or even new acquaintances) is pretty much the same, and at a far cheaper price. :)

    That said, I’m sure we both would love a trip out on the Princess Emma!

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