Dinner in Camps Bay – Pepper Club on the Beach

Pepper Club On the Beach restaurant

We hadn't been for dinner in Camps Bay for ages, so, after a long, long week at work, Friday night was our night to relax with an ocean view and good food.

The Pepper Club restaurant, Pepper Club On The Beach (map), is situated at the spot formerly occupied by Summerville, and is the official beach-side restaurant of the soon-to-be-opened Pepper Club hotel in Cape Town city centre. Apparently hotel guests will have the option of being driven from the city to Pepper Club On The Beach (in a Rolls Royce), where they'll be able to change into their swimming gear in the restaurant's super-modern bathrooms. :)

The restaurant's setting is spectacular of course, but the thing that impressed us most was the service - it was absolutely impeccable, the kind of service you'd expect at a top 5-star hotel. The shellfish platter we shared was *wow*, but the two highlights of the evening were the Sapphire Silk cocktail and the Avocado Ritz starter. Both were absolutely delicious, and at the risk of being boring, I'm pretty sure that our next visit will once again include both of these items. :) The cost of a main course averages between R140 and R240 per person; there is a lunch menu as well, which features quite a few cheaper options. You can download the menu from the restaurant's website.

Click here to see a few of the other photos that I took at the restaurant.

3 thoughts on “Dinner in Camps Bay – Pepper Club on the Beach

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Firefly, especially if it’s the beautiful Camps Bay beach! :) It was unfortunate that there was quite some cloud cover that evening. The sunset over the water is astoundingly beautiful.

  2. richard w l

    Thanks again for the daily pics .. in the frozen north it’s nice to admire !
    I looked at the Pepper Club in town … do you think CT can sustain such a high end offering ? Look so full on to me .. we visited the “One and Only” (such an
    unfortunate name!) and it was empty … mind you it was winter.
    Love sunset at the Radisson .. do you go there ?
    Cant wait for our next trip down.

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