Stop bush fires in Cape Town

It's not a real fire extinguisher, silly

Don't you just love this idea? I wish I knew who decided that logs painted like fire extinguishers would get the message across. It's far more interesting and eye-catching than a sign that few would bother to read anyway.

Recently the weather's been super-hot in Cape Town, and with the lovely warm winds that we're having I guess it's the perfect weather for bush fires to blaze across the mountains. So folks, be careful not to drop bottles (they can act as magnifying glasses and start fires), and be sure not to drop your cigarette butts on the ground - some may argue that they can't start fires, but why risk it? Right? :)

One last thing: take a moment to save the Volunteer Wildfire Services hotline number to your phone - 086 110 6417. Give them a call if you spot a fire starting anywhere on or near the mountain.

6 thoughts on “Stop bush fires in Cape Town

  1. Helen

    Agree, I think these are cool. Next time you see one make sure you read the small print (where it says ‘Vandals’). Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact wording (I have a terrible memory) but it is clever and made my chuckle.

  2. Jani de Villiers

    Fantastic ‘Invention’ – and yes, certainly eye-catching. I live near the Mountain and what real Capetonian will forget that devastating day in January 2000 (14th, someone has just said).
    May it never be repeated … I will have that hotline committed to memory a.s.a.p.
    Love your site.

  3. Elsie

    I would think that a log painted in such a manner would not get the message across to most people. Who is gonig to put that 2 + 2 together and get 4. Elsie

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Elsie, I don’t think it’s too difficult to work out. :)

    In fact, in an area that tourists frequent it’s a great way to get the message across without writing “be careful not to light fires” in a dozens of languages.

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