Another tough day in Cape Town

Camps Bay view
I'm sure we've mentioned this before, but I need to say it again: it's so HARD living in Cape Town. Really, you can't possibly understand unless you've spent at least a few weeks here. We've got this exquisite mountain, all these pristine beaches, gorgeous green forests, superb weather (if you don't count the wind), a picturesque harbour, breathtaking sunsets... *sigh*.

Being surrounded by all this beauty ALL THE TIME is such a burden. I do hope you feel sorry for us.

9 thoughts on “Another tough day in Cape Town

  1. Pamela

    I feel so sorry that I am rushing over to share your pain in just under four weeks. No, no, do not try to say you don’t need it, it’s the least I can do!

  2. Beverley

    Paul that is such a cruel post especially for some-one who knows exactly what it’s like but can’t physically be there at this point in time :)

    And no I don’t feel sorry for you – just put up with it..:)

    Love the photo..

  3. Danielle

    I endure “hard” Cape Town living every December..

    The beach parking during season does suck though, and the club lines… But it is part of the package

  4. Cristina

    Why don’t you try to go around Milano, Napoli, Roma (Italy) and afterwards looking for a parking place? that’s really hell!!!!
    When I go to Camps Bay on a summer week end, I try to be there around 9 o’clock
    and I always park my car easily.
    Driving in the “traffic” of Cape Town is like going around in any Italian town 30 years ago. Lots of fun…

  5. Meghashyam Chirravoori

    Tch Tch. :)

    I developed a website on South Africa – and did a lot of reading about Cape Town in the process. And you know what I thought while I was doing – how very lucky must those who live in Cape Town be! Those awesome beaches, Penguins seals, the table mountain… be surrounded by all that and still live in a city would be heaven…

    Now after reading your post, I don’t know what to say. ;)

    Maybe one gets used to it all….

  6. Eleonora

    Feel indeed sorry for you, the poor souls, having to live in such a place!! ;)
    Want to house swap? Lovely Rome apartment in the center of town, beautiful, historic, artistic, great food…

    I’m not kidding!

    Ciao from a Cape Town lover and great fan of your blog

  7. Capetown Holidays

    Loved the pic and loved your website- I will subscribe right away. How nice to come across someone so postive about our beautiful country. I am tired of reading the rubbish published on the web every day. I am fortunate to have travleled a great deal and have lived in other parts of the world, but I can say that nowhere is as beautiful every day as Cape Town.
    We love to share our lovely coastal suburbs with our guests.

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