Cape to Cuba

Cape to Cuba

Sticking to the Cuban theme of Che Latino Café, mentioned in a previous post, Cape to Cuba (pictured in this photo) is a chain of three restaurants heavily decorated in typical Cuban style, featuring exotic furniture and décor. The twist is that almost all the pieces of furniture and décor in the restaurant are for sale, so if you like something, you really can get to take it home!

Cape to Cuba restaurants are located in Kalk Bay, Long Street (in Cape Town) and Stellenbosch (map). This particular photo was taken at the Stellenbosh restaurant, but if I were to advise you on which to try, I'd suggest Kalk Bay (map). It's by far the best known of the three, and I've heard plenty of great things about that particular restaurant. :)

5 thoughts on “Cape to Cuba

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for letting us know Hendrik. I’ve heard good things and the experience in Stellenbosch, while not bad, wasn’t as awesome as what we’d expected.

  2. Mary

    I’m counting down to my trip to SA, including 3 nights in Cape Town. Your blog has been very helpful in helping me plan photo opportunities and outings! Thanks!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Mary, thanks for your message. I’m really glad that you’ve found CTDP so helpful. Albeit premature, welcome to Cape Town! I trust and hope that you’ll have a wonderful three days with us! :)

  4. Val Palk

    My family went to the Kalk Bay restaurant for my daughter’s birthday in 2003 and we were blown away by the decor, the location and the mojitos. There really wasn’t anything like it back then. My photographs of the restaurant, the blue outside walls, the “porthole windows” and the Che Guevara sign outside the restaurant are still some that I often enjoy looking at.

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