County Fair’s chickens

A County Fair farm

I recently had the opportunity to visit a friend who lives on one of County Fair's farms. County Fair is one of the large broiler rearers in South Africa - to the left of this photo are the large structures that house the chickens.

I have to say that the visit to the farm made me somewhat sad. While I know that many will say "they're only chickens", I can't escape the fact that theirs must be a terrible existence. Kerry-Anne buys only free-range chicken and eggs, and while there's a chance that free-range chickens don't necessarily have a much better life than the non-free-range variety, at least they do get to potter around outside in the sunshine.

Take a moment to visit Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary's blog. The sanctuary rescues farm animals, and the blog tells their stories. (They also have some great farm animal photos :) ).

10 thoughts on “County Fair’s chickens

  1. Anneke Bosman

    Paul Gilowey, is this your blog? Must be too much of a coincidence that you mention Kerry-Ann. :)

    Found your blog by accident looking up County Fair.

    Haven’t been to geekdinners in a while, but hope to see you there soon again.


  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Anneke, yes this would be our blog.
    To be honest, we haven’t been to GeekDinners in a while either!
    But, yes, perhaps we will see you there some time. :)

  3. Noer

    Hi I’m currently unemployed and would like to make a business out of selling chicken,I want to know what you would charge me for a 1kg braaipack and fillet please thank you reply to my email will be waiting to here of you regards noer

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Noer,

    I think you mistook this blog for County Fair’s website. I’m afraid I can’t help you with chicken prices. Good luck with your business endeavour!


  5. andile nwelende

    Hi sir

    Some years back we applied for chicken farming with you and we did not have the land then and we stucked with lots of promises by the government. It is now with great pleasure to inform you that we found the land now for almost three years and we have continued to farm with goats sheep and pigs . We also plant lupin and barely.

    We contacted a certain manger in Wosceter then and we lost contact as time went on.

    I would therefore appreciate your advice as to whom we can now contact or arrange an appointment to meet and persue the idea as soon as possible.

    My contact number is 0786436361 (Mr Andile Nwelende)

    Furthermore I am here at Elsenberg Agricultural college doing mixed farming.

    Optimisitc to here from you


    Andile Nwelende

  6. nolusindiso

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  7. Theuns Laubscher

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    Please contact me via e-mail

    Thanks Theuns

  8. Mervin Fertyn

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