Mr Pickwicks – a “dodgy” restaurant on Long

Mr Pickwicks
Mr Pickwicks (map) is a small, and very popular, restaurant on Long Street. The only reason why I refer to it as "dodgy" in the title of this article is because it's not what one could call pretty, quaint, or upper-market - it's really fairly rustic. However, if you're looking for a great burger, with an awesome milkshake - this is definitely a place to try. They actually have an entire page in the menu dedicated to their assortment of awesome milkshakes! :)

9 thoughts on “Mr Pickwicks – a “dodgy” restaurant on Long

  1. Hendrik

    FTW : This place is incredible. We had dinner there on the night the QM2 was in the harbour, after getting access right next to her at her berth. We were introduced to it a few years ago by friends, and have wondered if it was still up and running ever since returning from the UK some 2 years ago. Was very glad to find it still running and serving incredible ( now also in 600ml format ) milkshakes

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Oooh… I must have missed your comment somehow Hendrik… but I’m glad to hear that you loved the place – and the milkshakes.

    Thanks for the tip Anteros… please leave a comment if you remember what the salad was that you had. You and Hendrik have made me hungry all over again! :)

  3. rois

    i wonder if this place has changed ownership recently cos i’ve had great food there in the past however 4 of us ate there the other night and will never go back. We were accused by the owner of lying about the portion size and told to “take our dollars and never come back”. All this because we dared to complain that the potato wedges we were served were soggy and greasy and as we couldn’t eat them we didn’t want to pay for them. We were perfectly polite and reasonable until the owner became completely obnoxious and actually shouted and swore at us and called us liars! I have never ever experienced such bad customer care anywhere in the world. We are all actually long term residents of cape town and they have now lost 4 potential reguar customers – is all the business they are getting becasue of the world cup going to their head? I’d like to see how they manage when all the tourists go home if they treat their regular customrs like that…..

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Rois, that’s not so good… it sounds like your visit was a terrible experience. I’m sorry to hear that. I’d planned on going back for a milkshake some time, and I’ll do so some time and report back.

    Thanks for letting us know! If my experience is anything remotely similar I’ll be sure to edit the post above to draw attention to your comment.

  5. Brian

    I was in Pickwicks last week, and had the cheese and chips(one eyed bagman) and a 600ml Spooky strawberry shake,the food took a little longer but they where very busy.Both my girlfreind and I love pickwicks as its so rustic with the tin plates and off beat look,A band was playing upstairs and the place had a great feel.I asked the waitress about the wedges and she said we can cook them how you like,also they don t take dollars as prev mentioned.Pickwicks you rock

  6. Sue

    We visited Cape-Town in December, and “accidently” discovered Mr Pickwicks… Needless to say, I had the best hamburger on this planet.

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