Breakfast conversations

At Arnolds in Kloof Street
I've never been a waiter, so never had the privileged of being amused by story after story told hush-hush by patrons. I have to imagine though that (however hard) working in a coffee shop, or restaurant of sorts must have it's entertaining moments.

Kerry-Anne and I stopped in for breakfast at Arnolds in Kloof Street (map). The meal was good, but I have to advise you that, unless you like super-super strong filter coffee, you rather order cappuccino. Gosh - the coffee really was that strong.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast conversations

  1. Arnold

    The Early Bird is R11!
    Chefs breakfast is R32 this includes: Full Breakfast plus baked beans, Toast, Jam,
    the works, plus juice, cappuccino or a beer till 5pm

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