Brenda Fassie, a South African legend

Brenda Fassie
I can't say that I was a fan of Brenda Fassie's music, but that's only me. Millions of people all over South Africa regarded her as the greatest pop icon of the pre- and post-apartheid years. An article on even referred to her as "Madonna of the Townships"!

Brenda unfortunately passed away 2004, at the age of 39, after suffering an asthma attack and cardio-respiratory arrest, and I recall at the time the mood in the country turned extremely solemn. I believe that even ex Presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki visited Brenda while she was in hospital - which, I'm sure, speaks for how important she had been to the nation.

I'm sure that Brenda is still today still.

3 thoughts on “Brenda Fassie, a South African legend

  1. Dr S

    I was a huge fan, and I distinctly remember being little and dancing in the yard to brenda’s music from an old wireless…she was and is a South African legend…

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Yeah, it is kinda cool hey Firefly. It’s unfortunately at the end of a dry, dirty, and unkept field – hence why I got in really close for the shot. :)

    Thanks for letting us know DrS – most of the people I know are into way different music than what she produced, so I can’t say that I’d had much exposure to her music.

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