I don't smoke, and (due to curiosity) I've taken only one puff of a flavoured cigar - and I'm happy to report that it just wouldn't grow on me.

A few years ago our government imposed laws banning the advertising of tobacco products and made it mandatory for packaging to carry large health warnings. They also banned smoking in public places (like shopping malls), although they made provision for for designated areas. They even imposed legislation governing the ratio of smoking vs. non-smoking areas in places such as restaurants and enforce particular requirements around the use of separate ventilation systems.

Where in years gone by I recall co-workers smoking at their desks, today it would be a completely foreign thought for someone to smoke while they work. Assuming that you work indoors, do people where you work smoke where they work, and if so, does the law permit it?

2 thoughts on “Cigars

  1. Strauss

    In South Africa (as you know) it’s not allowed indoors, or within 10 metres of an entrance, if I recall correctly.

    The most important part about smoking is that it’s the semi-modern water-cooler: the place where many conversations in business take place (and ostensibly the gossip-well), so it’s pretty integral. :)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Strauss… you have it absolutely right. My colleagues claim that some of their best software designs come from the smoking area. :)

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