Grand Central shopping centre

Grand Central shopping centre
This photo of the mall was taken near the bus terminal and taxi ranks in Cape Town - just next to the Grand Parade. I don't think I know of anyone who actually shops at the Grand Central shopping centre, and in fact, I've never actually been inside! Suffice to say that I have an idea that I'm not missing out on too much though...

3 thoughts on “Grand Central shopping centre

  1. Johann Visagie

    That’s the centre they built inside the shell of the old Central Post Office, isn’t it?

    It was mildly posh when it opened, though it was kind of clear from the outset that it would probably go downhill quickly due to, well… location, location, location. I guess it must’ve opened somewhere around 2000 — well before even the half-hearted rehabilitation of the CBD had gained any momentum.

    I found it interesting that they kept the big, now-not-very-politically-correct murals from the post office’s old central hall in what became the shopping centre’s foyer. Some of these are actually beautiful, even if they do depict a white man’s history of the country.

    Ah, I just did a google, and here’s a photo on Flickr that shows the inside of the hall, though it misses the murals — they’re on the sides.

    I remember visiting the old Post Office often, well into the late 90s. I worked in the CBD at the time, and I sometimes had counter-to-counter parcels delivered there to pick up over lunch.

    Hah, wait, I just googled again and came up with a Flickr set that contains shots not only of the building’s exterior, but also the murals:

  2. mjw

    Agreed. It’s actually quite interesting inside. I’ve only been in a couple of times so I think a field trip is in order soon.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Johann, thanks for the information. You’re quite right – it is the old post office. Thanks for the links! It is quite strange that they’ve kept the old murials. I wonder if they’re still up on the walls… as MJW said, I think a field trip is in order. :)

    I guess the fact that the old reminders of our country’s European past are up could be telling of the progress that we’ve made. Perhaps? I guess there’s no point in denying the past.

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