Take-away food

Take-away food
Besides for the prominent "Masala Steak plus 2L Sparletta" in the photo, you'll notice several signs advertising Gatsbys (Gats-bea) - a common meal bought at small shops like these ones, near the castle, at the top of the Grand Parade (map). A Gatsby is similar in a way to a Subway sub, but filled with hot chips (French fries), various meats (often sausages), perhaps some salad, and certainly plenty of sauces.

Don't expect eating a Gatsby to be easy - it's large, very messy, yet surprisingly and delightfully tasty. :)

10 thoughts on “Take-away food

  1. Paul

    Post author

    It’s a pleasure Ben. I’d offer to fly one over to you, but it would be a total mess by the time it reached you… and besides, an ice-cold gatsby isn’t quite the same anyhow. :)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Erm… Bev, no… I was just passing by and never actually had a gatsby. :) But yes, I can imagine that a diet filled with this type of food wouldn’t be all too healthy.

  3. Tom

    This is a really fantastic photo Paul! It’s so distinctly South African! Keep up the good work!


  4. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Tom, and thanks for the links – nice work yourself! :)

    Geoff, ah, thanks! I’ve *never* heard of a Garbage Plate. It sure looks interesting though. We’ve decided that we’re going to have to visit NYC some time, so I’ll make sure that we try it out. (And let you know ;) ).

  5. Jane

    Hey all just to let U know I had a Gatsby from Munchies take away in Parkland /Tableview and it was so tasty….and best off all the prices was great for a full steak Gatsby it is R50-00 AND a full Russion is R30-00 … so if you guys are looking for good gatsby’s and burgers try Munchies ..

    TEL: 0215563644

  6. Stephen Twine

    Gatsby’s … my arch nemesis on my weight loss program … but OOOOOOOOH so yummy …

    Recommend Munchies in tableview and cosy corner in wynberg hmmmmmmm yummy!

    if you spend more than a R100 at cosy corner they give you a special card with a sticker when the card is full ya get r100 off ya 11th meal

  7. Lamees

    Had lunch today @ Pickbel Halaal Take-Aways in Pickbel Centre Strand Street Cape Town. Just had to say, worst customer service ever!!!! Served spoilt mini chicken pizzas n would not refund nor exchange! Watch what you eat out of the front food glass counter, These foods are exposed all day, with flies looming around n lights shining on the foods – no wonder its always old!

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