Breakfast at the Foodbarn Deli

Foodbarn DeliUpon the recommendation of a friend, we had breakfast at the Foodbarn Deli at Noordhoek Farm Village on Saturday. From now on I shall take very seriously any recommendation made by said friend. What a fabulous spot!

Not only was the food excellent (it's only the second place Paul and I have found in the Cape that can actually make a proper poached egg), but the atmosphere was great as well. It seems to be THE spot to be on a Saturday morning in Noordhoek - we had to wait for a few minutes to get a table, and throughout the morning people just kept on streaming in. The decor is very pretty, and of course I was totally enchanted by the wall of books you can see in this photo.

Noordhoek Farm Village is quite a long drive from where we live (59km, as mentioned in our previous post), but I think it may just be worth getting up early once in a while and driving through for a Saturday morning breakfast. Perhaps we'll see you there. :)

2 thoughts on “Breakfast at the Foodbarn Deli

  1. Good taste

    How lucky you are to have a friend with such good taste ;-) You forgot to mention the quirky little shops in the farm village complex – great for finding not-so-tacky souvenirs as well as wind-up mice to take home to the kitties.

  2. Paul

    I’ll just answer on behalf of Kerry-Anne…

    Yes, absolutely we are – even though at times she’s a little quirky she’s known as the lady with the keenest taste-buds in the Cape – which in itself is a huge honour. It’s awesome having her with us at meal times. Never a bad meal shall pass these lips as long as she’s around. :)

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