Cape Town’s Football World Cup Ticket Office

Ticket Office
If you haven't picked up your tickets for the World Cup football matches in Cape Town, then best head on over to the FIFA ticket sales and collections office as soon as possible. We visited to collect our tickets for three of the matches. It was really a piece of cake - everyone was in a festive mood, the officials were friendly and we were in and out in a flash.

Check the ticketing page on FIFA's website if you're not sure where to find the office. If you prefer a map, I've marked it on this Google Maps map. :)

One thought on “Cape Town’s Football World Cup Ticket Office

  1. Alex

    Between the opening match SA/MEXICO, also @ Green Point Stadium last night, and today- June 12, Korea/Greece so far: WHY are there so many open seats in the stadiums if there are “no tickets” available/ or the outlets state they are “sold out” ???
    Doesnt look good, and especially for the fans that could have access to those seats based on the opportunity being there to purchase-

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