Cape Town’s large vuvuzela

Cape Town's large vuvuzela
Due to it's "noisiness" the vuvuzela (voo-voo-zai[r]-la) was one of the the more contentious topics around the FIFA Football World Cup that was kicked off at about about 14h00. The vuvuzela is essentially a long plastic trumpet that you blow into while allowing your squished up lips to vibrate as the air passes between them. That folks is the buzzing sound that you keep hearing on your televisions while watching the matches!

This huge vuvuzela, obviously sponsored by Hyundai, was placed on the end of this unfinished bridge in Cape Town. Apparently the vuvuzela has a truck hooter horn attached to the end that will be activated each time a goal is scored in Cape Town Stadium. :)

Many locals previously complained bitterly about the noise created by the vuvuzelas, but now that the World Cup has arrived it seems like the complaints have died down and vuvuzela sales have gone up... drastically! Most of my colleagues at work arrived proudly wearing Bafana Bafana tshirts and/or South African flags, with many carrying their newly-bought vuvuzelas. The atmosphere in our offices was huge (almost like this vuvuzela ;) )!

In my next post I'll let you know how the opening ceremony and the game between Bafana Bafana and Mexico went; as well as our experience at the first match (France vs. Uruguay) in the Cape Town Stadium.

8 thoughts on “Cape Town’s large vuvuzela

  1. Nixgrim

    As usual, Paul – when you take a shot of something and I take a shot of the same thing, yours is MUCH better. So, once again, I’m going to make use of your shot, if that’s okay with you? (I took my shot today while driving… I think that was my error ;-D LOL!)

  2. Pamela

    Now that is a superb use of the “bridge”, love the sounding of the horn as well. I thought the count down sign was good – but this is genius. How about making it a feature, maybe community groups could use the site to promote their work for a month and the most innovative one of the year would get some extra funding from a commercial sponsor? Yes, I know that is not something you have any control over, but in case you ever come across someone who does…….

    It is a little tough seeing Cape Town on the telly so frequently tugging at the heart strings but at the same time we have a sense of vicarious pride that the reporters are constantly commenting on how beautiful Cape Town is and how enthusiastic and friendly everyone in SA is.

    People are buying vuvuzelas here as well – astonishing how all the footie fans now know what they are and want one!

  3. Bev

    Oh my wouldn’t I just love to be in CApe Town now..and yes I watched all the match and kept looking just in case the cameras trained on you and Kerry-Ann as I thought that would be a match you were at. Do hope you’re going to be there for the England match!!

    I just love what they have done on the end of the unfinished bridge and that vuvuzela is rather large isn’t it!! :)

    On the tele it all looks so much fun and colourful as I said I so wish we could be there – enjoy!

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Nixgrim, thank you, but yes, I’d say shooting while driving is probably your problem. ;) Of course you may use the pic, and thanks for the mention in your blog!

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Pamela, it’s a nice idea I’d just wonder how easy it would be to practically implement.

    Yes, isn’t it just awesome that the rest of the world is having the opportunity to see Cape Town. Many people still equate South Africa with jungles, wild animals, and backward infrastructure. It’s cool that they’re now seeing the real SA. :)

    Vuvuzelas in the UK – isn’t that just awesome!? There were loads of French visitors blowing vuvuzelas at the match that we were at on Friday night… so I’m sure they’ll go home with them! :D

  6. Paul

    Post author

    We also wish you guys could have been here! Wasn’t Friday just the most beautiful weather? The city has come alive like we’ve never seen before – and yes it is fun, and it sure is colourful! :) The only apt way to describe the atmosphere is unfortunately a cliché… electric.

    And, yes, wasn’t that a clever use of the bridge! I’m just sad that we never got to hear it on Friday due to the 0-0 draw. :(

  7. Laura

    That vuvuzela had the countdown for a Bee Gees show, am I right? I extended my stay in ZA for one more week just to visit Cape Town and I couldn’t be happier about that decision!!! It was simply awesome and beautiful and breathtaking and and and I want to go back!!! So many things left to do! next time i’ll make a plan and a little research to spend time in a better way! (is that phrase ok? lol, i’m from Argentina, sooo, English is not my mother tongue, but I think i made myself clear! ;) )

    Shap shap dude! Great blog and pics!

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