Dodge and a baby jukebox

A baby jukebox
While waiting to watch the depressing South Africa / Uruguay match on Wednesday we had a quick bite to eat at an American diner-like restaurant called Dodge City Diner in the V&A Waterfront.

All the restaurants were so full and we ended up at Dodge only because we saw two seats, miraculously open! We'd never eaten there, and we weren't holding out much hope of enjoying it, but we were actually greatly surprised and really loved it! Kerry-Anne had a burger with chips, onion rings and a cheesy sauce while I had (*drum roll*) a waffle with syrup and ice-cream and a bowl of French fries on the side! :)

Don't you just love this little table-jukebox? It takes R2 and R5 coins which will play 1 and 3 songs respectively. Unfortunately we had absolutely no change so I can't say how well it worked. We'll however definitely be back to try it out!

3 thoughts on “Dodge and a baby jukebox

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for the message Glenn, we haven’t tried your (reportedly awesome) milkshakes so I’m sure we will be back – with a handful or R2 coins. :)

  2. Glenn Aquadro

    Please note that the mini Jukeboxes are part of what was once a working system 7 single system (would give poor sound quality & therefore no longer suitable). The mini-Jukeboxes are only decorative and do not link to the large Jukebox in the store. Not to worry if you had put money into the system – we do refund.

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