Nowhere to hide!

Fans and Cameras
No matter where you find yourself in the V&A Waterfront it's absolutely impossible to escape cameras. Whether it's a professional SLR kit, a point 'n shoot camera, or a phone camera - it seems like everyone is trying to capture the moment.

Can you imagine South Africa trying to implement photography restrictions like they've done in London? Wowie, impossible I say! :)

3 thoughts on “Nowhere to hide!

  1. Deems

    Paul, can you imagine what it’ll be like in 2012 with the Olympics in London? The bobbies will definitely have their hands full. They may as well just arrest everyone as they come through customs that owns a camera ;-)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Deems, ha, it’s going to be a scream! Oh please I want to be there! :D

    Adam, thanks for your enquiry. The useful links section of our site is intended to contain links to sites that visitors to Cape Town may find useful. We select links that we think are relevant, so there’s no process that one would follow to get listed. All the best with your marketing efforts, Paul.

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