Bridge at the Clock Tower

Foot Bridge
I have to assume that everyone who's ever been to the Waterfront has certainly crossed this footbridge at least twice. If you cross it once and choose not do go back the same way, the only way to get back is to catch a boat ride, or walk a heck of a long way around back to the side from whence you came.

So if you've crossed this bridge you'll also know that it's a swinging bridge - which means that it detaches from the one side and swings open every so often to open the channel, thereby letting boats pass in and out of the yacht basin.

Now you may recall that in my previous post I mentioned that I'd been late and was rushing to meet Kerry-Anne here, near the Clock Tower. As I arrived this bridge had just closed and started to swing open to allow boats to pass. This would have been fine normally, but as I stood there this day I was on the one side and Kerry-Anne was on the other. I'm sure you can imagine how long the five minutes that the bridge was unavailable for felt as her mildly irritated eyes glared from across the channel. :D

5 thoughts on “Bridge at the Clock Tower

  1. Monica

    You must remember that there are those of us who follow your blog because we have have never been to Cape Town and love to learn about it….love the bridge.

  2. Alapan

    There is a slightly longer way around (not sure if it would beat 5 minutes though) via the Cape Grace which can be accessed from the back of the BoE bank IIRC.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Monica, you’re quite right, I sometimes forget that there are plenty of people who visit CTDP but who’ve never been to Cape Town. Thanks for visiting and following us!

    Alapan, you’re absolutely correct. I temporarily forgot about the route past the Cape Grace! It’s still quite a walk, but certainly not as long as the one of which I was thinking! :)

  4. mjw

    Hmmm… if there were mildly irritated glaring eyes then I imagine there wasn’t any sweeping epic romantic mood music.

    The Cape Grace route is very useful. It’s my preference.

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