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Man and his dog
Working as a security guard must be one of the most stressful jobs. On the one hand it's probably mostly metronomically monotonous, and on the other hand you never know when you're going to face off against a criminal that possibly has less than you to lose, and possibly less regard for your life than a Cinderella's step mother did for her's.

This guard (I forget his name unfortunately) stopped me as I walked past and asked if I could take his photo. He said that he'd look up Cape Town Daily Photo on Web so that he can download his pic. Here's hoping that he does just that! :)

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  1. Ali

    Hi Paul, thx for info. What do you mean with frame? Do you mean the thing that encirles an image? Or do want to make something with a frame as in “iframe”?

  2. Paul

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    Hi Ali, yeah, I mean the thing that encircles the frame. I also find that when I use my scroller, the faded background scrolls up and down… a little nasty. I’m just being picky though. ;)

  3. Ali

    If I scroll your site, your background don’t scrolls up and down. The reason could be that my internet bandwith is huuuuuuuuge! =) I haven’t checked your plugin yet but I assume that there is a css there you can edit a frame for your pictures.

    BTW: “Picky” is a new word I’ve learnt today! =)

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