Shout against crime

Fan photo
This picture reminds me of the SHOUT SA campaign launched earlier this year. If you're not in the country then you may have missed what it's about, so allow me quickly to explain:

Two notable South African musicians established a trust fund, called SHOUT, with the idea that monies collected by the fund would be donated to anti-crime organisations, like Crime Line and Business Against Crime. They then got together with a few more notable musicians to record a modern version of the Tears for Fears track called Shout. The track is currently for sale at several prices from R20 to R1000 - the amount that you pay is at your discretion. Visit the SHOUT SA website to hear the track and for more information on how to donate.

9 thoughts on “Shout against crime

  1. Cristina

    hi Paul, where about in town is this beautiful murales? I’ve tryed to guess, but I’m not sure. I like this kind of photos, often I go around the town just to catch some hidden spot.

  2. Cristina

    thanks Paul, I was in Waterkant Street today, but in the upper part, showing some Italian friends here on holday the Cape Quarter and all the area around
    I could not go in the lower part. I will do it very soon.

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    The mural’s on the wall | Cape Town Daily Photo

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Firefly, Ali, thank you – it’s pretty awesome hey. :)
    Bev, no, it kinda jumps out at you!
    Caroline, if I recall, you’re in the UK. Have you visited CT recently?
    Cristina, cool, it’s a pleasure – you should do so – it’s pretty awesome!

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