Pirate-ship attacks in Table Bay!

Pirate-ship attacks
I'm not sure what the name of the unfortunate vessel on the right is, but approaching her on the left is the fiercest pirate ship that sails the waters of the Cape of Good Hope - the Jolly Roger!

Although I may have exaggerated a little calling it "fierce", I'm not pulling your leg - Jolly Roger is a pirate boat with a pirate crew and is generally seen sailing young land lubbers out into Table Bay for adventurous birthday parties or similarly celebratory occasions. The little trip costs anywhere between R50 and R200 per person, depending on the time of day, the package that you purchase, and the size of your shoe. (Hint: People wearing kids shoes pay a whole lot less than those wearing adult-size shoes.)

Between the plundering of defenseless ships in Table Bay you'll find the murderously cruel crew with the moored Jolly Roger at the V&A Waterfront's quay 5 - close to Sevruga and just outside of the V&A Shopping mall. Visit this pirate map to find the gap where the Jolly Roger should be moored. (I guess it was out plundering when the satellite made it's turn over the Waterfront!)

16 thoughts on “Pirate-ship attacks in Table Bay!

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Boom, Ali! :)

    It is quite different hey. Perhaps my next birthday party should be a pirate one… the only problem is that I can’t think that pirate ships would have woman onboard, so I guess there’s a flaw in that plan! :(

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  4. Claire

    I had such a crush on one of the guys who worked on the boot back in the late 90’s – kat. They uesd to come into the Blue Rock :) Wow, such a long time ago!

  5. Claire

    Sadly no haha. Blue Rock was a club on Sea Point Main Road, Green Point side. Then Alexander’s (or something) opened up next door forl late night coffee and food. Was well known for the cocktails, especially the Fish Bowl! Thankfully I’m ‘grown up’ now, but those were crazy days :)

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