Public prosecutors

Public prosecutors
Public Prosecutors are the people who represent the State in criminal cases. They're the people who decide what charge should be levelled against an accused and are also responsible for building the case that ultimately convicts guilty parties.

You may have heard about people such as the "National Director of Public Prosecutions" in the much publicised cases against various politicians and high-powered businessmen. The National Director is the top prosecutor in our judicial system supported by a hierarchy comprising the Deputy National Director, Directors, Deputy Directors and finally the Public Prosecutors mentioned in this photo.

Given who these people are I'd say that it's better than one takes heed of the sign and doesn't park on this side of the road. :)

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  1. Sameerah Paulse


    I am in deperate need to find out who the prosecuter is in case 372-07-2012 victim Shaieda Kruger. Suspect Botha. The case was heard on 1 February in court 3 but was postponed to 8th February 2013.

    If I can get the name and number of the prosecuter it will be highly appreciated.

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