Cannon on a hill

Cannon on a hill
After a few years of using a particular brand of camera I find it difficult to spell the word "cannon" correctly. :)

Don't be fooled - this isn't Cape Town's Noon Day Gun. (You know, the cannon on Signal Hill that's gone kaboom at noon almost every day since it's placement in 1902). To be honest - I last visited the Noon Day Gun when I was a young kid. In fact, I can actually hardly remember the visit! Since then Kerry-Anne and I have made two attempts to see the cannon fire - the first was on a Sunday, and the second on a public holiday... the two days on which the Noon Day Gun takes a break!

This particular cannon is found on Tygerberg Hill and was presumably used as a signaling cannon to alert farmers as to the presence of new ships in the harbour.

6 thoughts on “Cannon on a hill

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Firefly, yeah, that’s kinda what I remember from my visit. A loud bang and a plume of smoke… I remember wondering about where the cannon ball would land. :)

    mjw, your’re correct that the gun has been signalling time since 1806; but not from it’s current location. It was moved to Signal Hill in 1902 and fired the first shot from that location on 4 August.

    ChrisM, yeah baby – bring on summer! :)

  2. Caroline

    I fall straight into the canon/cannon trap – and alwyas have to go back and double check! I have been trying to get out to Tygerberg hill to see the flowers but spring has just gone by as fast as the cannon smoke.

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