Don’t worry mum, it’s only a little yeast

Yeast in a pipe
Yeast is one of those ultra-important additives to many of the yummy foodstuffs that we enjoy. An interesting fact is that archaeologist's discoveries in Egypt have proved that the use of this fungus in the baking process goes back thousands of years. I wonder who discovered that mixing this particular fungus with dough would cause the bread to rise. Isn't that just an odd thing to try doing?

During my last couple of day's of vacation (of which today is the last) I took a tour of a certain establishment. Based on this photo where in the world do you think I found myself?

6 thoughts on “Don’t worry mum, it’s only a little yeast

  1. Hardspear

    Well… yeast is a very modern invention. The precursor – sourdough is a natural leavening agent created by mixing wheat flour with water and leaving it for a few days for natural yeast cells in the air to ‘infest’ the flour & water mix.

    The legend goes that some baker in ancient times forgot his plain dough mix outside overnight. The next morning when he wanted to bake his usual flat bread, the dough left outside doubled in volume. The rest is history… Google San Fransico sourdough.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Ah, Deems, the next post will confirm or refute your assertion. :)

    Hardspear – that’s very interesting. Thank you for the info around how it was first discovered! If I understand correctly, it seems then that companies like Anchor Yeast produce yeast (I guess, in a similar manner) and package it for sale so that we don’t have to leave our bread outside to rise? :)

    So then, I wonder who the bloke was that thought of cultivating yeast and selling it in a powdered form that could be added to fresh dough.

    On another few notes – you have an interesting blog. I’m guessing you’re happy with yourself for bringing the rain on? ;) And oh, Amatomu – I think you’ll find it took a dive when Matthew Buckland and co left M&G (#opinion). And, finally, Baconaise – that’s so wrong – I’m going to have to run out now and buy a jar! Love the line “Everything should taste like bacon”.

  3. Hardspear

    Thanks Paul – beautiful pics on this blog! Can’t remember the story about commercial yeast, I think there is a connection between beer brewing and commercial yeast – I’ll look it up sometime again if I remember.

    Thanks for the info on Amatomu

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