Find the Black Label

Empty beer bottles
Part of our tour at SAB in Newlands was a round of beer appreciation whereby each person in our small tour group was presented with three glasses of beer. Based on the criteria that sets it apart from the others the challenge was to identify which of the three was Carling Black Label.

Previously we'd learned that Black Label is super filtered so the beer has a very clear and clean look about it. Many beers are fairly bitter, but we learned that compared to others Black Label isn't very bitter. (If I recall correctly it's because the Black Label recipe uses less hops than other beers). The final thing that I recall is that Black Label has a distinctively fruity smell.

Even though I took careful note of Black Label's signature properties - I regrettably failed correctly identify the beer! I immediately and correctly discarded the first beer, but ultimately failed to identify the correct glass. In my defence though, I still think someone mixed up my glasses! ;)

Click here to find my little album of photos taken while on the tour.

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