Free parking in Cape Town – really?

A silly sign
I wish someone would park on this spot, and when the owners attempt to fine them point out that the sign really does say that "illegally parked cars will be fine". If you've seen the sign and done this - please report back your experience as a comment below!

The number of professionally printed signs hosting incorrectly spelled words, or ambiguous writing, is simply astounding. My spelling isn't very good - but this is why I use a spell checker. So the question is; is there an excuse for sign-writers? Signs are short and professional sign-writers should surely notice incorrectly spelled words or sentences that clearly don't mean what was intended.

In this case, I wonder why the commissioner of this sign, or owner of the property, or in fact, anyone involved hasn't notice the clear problem here. This sign has been up for years. How strange...

7 thoughts on “Free parking in Cape Town – really?

  1. Ali

    ROFLMAO! It remembers me to a sign, I’ve seen in a book about mistakes like these: “Willkommen Fussball-Ventilatoren der Welt”. Actually, the person tried welcoming soccer fans in Germany. What s/he didn’t know: The word Ventilator doesn’t mean a fan of a sport but the thing that spends cool air. xD

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Ali, that’s classic – I guess the writer wasn’t German… how embarrassing. :D

    I wonder if anyone’s noticed the irony in the last phrase of the post above… ;)

  3. Firefly

    We have an advertising agency that does some of our work who seem to ignore the mistakes and do the work with them in it. Amazing how inept some people are.

  4. Pamela

    I love this sign – I photographed it on my first trip over three years ago and look out every time since to see if anyone has put the d back in – but no, it is reassuringly there every time!

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Firefly – I think they do so on purpose in the hope that you’ll get the stuff reprinted when the error is discovered. :)

    Pamela – whohoo! Glad you spotted it!

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