I thought it was a Post Box

Post Box
Since when were these called "posting boxes"?

Don't you just love the sign? It's so bold - almost aggressive. Hell, I'm almost afraid to deliver my post to it... oh, but wait - when exactly was the last time I posted a letter?

I love these traditional round and red post boxes (and hope that they never disappear) but really, who uses them? Do people still post letters? Do they send post-cards perhaps? Who uses them? Do you?

4 thoughts on “I thought it was a Post Box

  1. Cristina

    I use the post box only to post the numerous letter bill arriving for the ex owners of the house. I don’t have their address and so I write unknown on the envelope and I post them!!!!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Ah, that’s very kind of you Cristina. We did the same for over a year but the letters, from the same companies, kept coming so now they unfortunately get thrown away. It’s such a waste!

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