The case of the curious stick

A curious feather and stick
What do you suppose this heap of soil, Guinea Fowl feather and stick would be doing on a path in a field? Is it perhaps a sign of sorts? Could it be a clue to something or a waypoint on a treasure map? I noticed that the soil had been recently placed and carefully looked around the area for footprints - or some other clue as to the presence of someone... but alas, there was none.

Some may be wondering what I'm going on about but perhaps it's clear to others that I've simply just watched a Sherlock Homes movie. :)

7 thoughts on “The case of the curious stick

  1. Bev

    There is an answer somewhere to this but I’m not sure Google will know what it is!! :)

    Are you sure Paul you didn’t set this one up for us!!

  2. Jenna

    I’m sure this is the artwork of little hands. It looks like your typical playground ‘mud cake’

    I can picture a little boy or girl taking great delight in creating this masterpiece, placing the stick and feather ontop of the mud cake to mimic candles.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Phew mjw! It was a close call. At least I managed to beat

    How do you know me Bev? Do you really think I’d send you off on a wild Goose chase? (Yes yes, I know, it’s a Guinea Fowl ;) )

    Jenna, no no, impossible! Observe how untouched by human hands the soil looks. I guess it’s not quite as clear from the pic, but it was almost as if a dysfunctional troop of angry ants built the mound. And, to be honest, I find the feather and stick’s placement far too artistic for a liddl-one’s hands. :D

  4. Paul

    Post author

    (Oh, and “angry”? Clearly these ants built the fortress – on a path – with the intent of attacking passing humans, probably because someone somewhere did them some kind of grievous harm.)

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