The King Protea, South Africa’s national flower

King Protea
The King Protea is the largest of all Proteas and extremely prolific in the Western Cape - which I guess may have contributed to it being designated as the country's national flower. Isn't it just a work of art?

An interesting fact is that the King Protea isn't only grown for export in South Africa, but also in New Zealand, Australia and even Hawaii! If you're interested in reading more about Proteas - or in fact about South African flora in general - visit the PlantZAfrica website. The site's pretty dated, but if you'd excuse it's '90s design there's plenty of information that you may find very useful. :)

10 thoughts on “The King Protea, South Africa’s national flower

  1. Caroline

    They are stunning! A bit like seeing lions in the Kruger – quite common but always a thrill. And the PlantZafrica site might look dated but all the information is updated constantly and contains the most up to date, accessible information on our flora that you will find anywhere.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for the info Caroline. On our visit to Kruger we only saw two lions at quite a distance. I guess it was a bad day though! I’m however pleased to agree with you, they are quite common and always a thrill. :)

    It would be awesome if someone could revamp the PlatnZAfrica site to make the resources more accessible. I guess it’s quite an expensive exercise though!

    Although… if you find the right person to do it, it doesn’t have to be I guess.

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  4. Bev

    I just love these flowers and I’m pleased to say I can buy them on a flower stall in our local nearby large town – reminds me that I might just check out buying 1 or 3 of them this weekend – they are expensive over here..

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