Expensive property

Expensive property
This property overlooks the bay that you saw in my previous photo. The properties in this area as of the most expensive in the country, and given the view, I guess you're able to understand why.

Many of the expensive properties on the Atlantic Seaboard, if not most, aren't owned by South Africans. Many are owned by UK, German or Dutch citizens, and many spend most of the year empty (which is such a shame). A few years back our government started making it more difficult for foreigners to purchase property in South Africa. The good thing about that is that it prevents our foreign friends from quietly turning Cape Town into a part of Europe ;), but it's bad from the perspective that it reduces foreign investment in the country.

Kind-of a catch 22; don't you think?

2 thoughts on “Expensive property

  1. denver

    Well, i do understand how this affects investment in our country, but, we also cannot allow prime properties to be grabbed up by foreign citizens of another country while the local population cannot come close to affording buying properties in locations like these.Anyway, I don’t think that Cape Town will be turned into another ‘europe’ but then again, if you look at all the present and past architecture available, the city is well scattered with various forms of European styled buildings etc. and not eneough ‘local’ styled buildings.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Denver, buildings like The Lord Charles and City Hall were built to an old English style because of England’s occupation of South AFrica – it’s part of our history, so I’m happy to have them.

    New buildings, I guess, are debatable – perhaps they should be built in a ‘local’ style. However, what would you say ‘local’ style is? And, don’t you think that in our highly-connected world that style bleeds across country barriers and is more a world-style – especially in countries like ours that don’t have a strong local-style?

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