G-South Africa at the Bay Hotel

The Bay Hotel
Last week Google hosted an event named G-South Africa at the Bay Hotel in Camps Bay. If you're unsure exactly where it is - The Bay Hotel is the hotel between the sports field and Blues in Victoria Road; you know, that really expensive-looking one? :)

I was excited to attend the event - partly because of the interesting things that I thought I may learn and partly because it was being held at in the beautiful Camps Bay. Unfortunately the weather failed to play along, so the two days weren't quite as awesome as it could have been!

For those of you who are interested in what was presented - here's a link where you're able to find a few of the presentations offered over the two days.

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3 thoughts on “G-South Africa at the Bay Hotel

  1. Cristina

    The Bay Hotel is really very smart. I know it very well, specially the Lady toilets!!!! When I go to the beach, generally in Camps Bay, if I need.. I go there. I’ve traveled all around the world and the hotel’s toilets are the best solutions. Nobody ask you anything if you go inside pretending to be a client…exept for the italian Hotels. You can’t do that, they always catch you!!!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hi myphotographer – I’m sure Kerry-Anne will be happy to accept the compliment even though she never shot the pic or wrote the article. ;) Thanks anyway. :D

    Cristina, you bad bad girl! (Thanks for the tip though, I’ll be sure to give them a whirl this summer. ;) ). Everyone else, shhhhh…

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