Beach time

Beach games
Wouldn't you love to be on the beach? White sand, warm sun, colourful umbrellas, and beach games - all add together to create one of the most relaxing atmospheres that in some way force your mind to switch off from day-to-day concerns and responsibilities.

Summer is here folks, so be sure to lotion up with heavy-duty African-grade sunblock before you head on down to the beach. Even if you're not keen on donning a bathing suit, grab a book, get there early, and hire a beach chair and umbrella. It'll be one of the most relaxing times you'll ever have!

4 thoughts on “Beach time

  1. Pamela

    Yes, I really would love to be on the beach – we were there this time last year so if I close my eyes and concentrate hard enough……………….damn still here in a frosty and foggy UK at -5 degrees!

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