Chef Pon’s Sawaddee

Dinner at Sawaddee

Chef Pon and a partner started Chef Pon's Asian Kitchen a while ago, but then he parted ways with his partner who retained the Chef Pon's Asian Kitchen and Chef Pon (this is confusing, right?) opened Chef Pon's Sawaddee - in Rheede Street (map).

Although I've never eaten there, I've heard that CP Asian Kitchen isn't what it use to be. By contrast I've visited CP Sawaddee and found the food to be exceptional. We normally go there for their sushi (you HAVE to try the Chef's Special), but I've eaten two of their Thai beef meals and they we're both brilliant.

In summary, food was great and reasonably-priced, and the atmosphere was pleasant. The only negative aspect of the restaurant is that each time we've visited we've been surprised at how early they close. The restaurant seems clear at about 10pm (closing at 22h30) - which you realise by the fact that one or two lights are switched off and the sushi chef cleans up his station and leaves for the evening. Very subtle guys. ;)

3 thoughts on “Chef Pon’s Sawaddee

  1. Huberaime

    Hello Paul
    No white Christmas in Provence this year either, at least in the plains, but this winter is cold enough in the rest of France. Enjoy south hemisphere summer and go on posting your interesting articles. Merry Christmas to you and Kerry-Anne. Huberaime

  2. Cristina

    The Sawaddee is very very close to my house (100 mt), but I’ve never been there to eat. I thought was only a Thai restaurant and I don’t like thai food.
    But I love sushi. let’s meet there sometime!!!!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    @Huberaine, I really thought that Provence would be glistening white by now. I guess I assumed that any place so far north would be covered in snow. A warm and Merry Christmas to you also!

    @Cristina, that’s very convenient! Best you be careful, if you visit Sawaddee you may find yourself there more often than your bank account is able to manage. Sure, yes, we should meet you there some time!

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