Flower, sea, island

Flowers, sea, island
The top of Signal Hill is such a popular spot for tourists that I find it hard to believe that there could be locals who'd never been to the top. It's only a short drive, up an extremely scenic road to the lookout point at the top of the hill - so surely everyone must have gone up to take a look?

I discovered that that contrary to my previous belief, this is just not true. One of my very own friends had never been to the top! So, even though it was windy as hell (not that I'd know how windy hell may be) I decided that while we were in the city I'd take her on her first trip to the lookout point.

This is one of the photos that I shot while at the lookout point. I'm not sure what plant this is - but isn't it pretty? The wind was blowing furiously and that's how I got that cool, more-or-less-in-focus effect on some branches while others are partially, or completely blurred.

The ocean that you're able to see in the background is the Atlantic ocean that fills Table Bay; and the island that you see out in the distance is the famous Robben Island - South Africa's own version of Alcatraz Island

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  1. Val

    This is a wonderful photo – I too am not sure what the flowers are called but they were growing in profusion on my recent visit. I hadn’t been up Signal Hill for at least ten years and this was an impulse visit brought about snapping off an impromptu picture from De Waal Drive on my way home. I was stunned at what I’d been missing all these years – the views, the flowers, the peace. Taking pictures with my new Hipstamatic app gave me a completely different view of the site – I recommend a visit to every Capetonian.

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