Myatt Café & Chocolatier for tea

Teapot at Myatt
I'd often seen Myatt Café in the V&A Waterfront mall, but I've always been a little confused by the place. For some reason the café's never really looked like a café to me. It's location is almost unexpected - and because of this and it's boutique-like décor and styling I've never really been sure what it was - and never taken the time to take a close look.

What eventually led us to Myatt was that it was windy outside and we were looking for a quite and comfortable place to have tea and a light snack. After browsing past other noisy restaurants and coffee shops we stumbled upon the quiet and brightly-lit Myatt Café. Even though the macarons that we ordered weren't comparable to those at Daniela's the good service and great array of tasty teas served in beautiful pots definitely made up for it.

Myatt is located on the top level of the V&A shopping mall, on the far side - close to Primi Piatti.

10 thoughts on “Myatt Café & Chocolatier for tea

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Cristina – the food looks great!

    Oooh Nicola – that tea looks awesome! Kerry-Anne says that it’s suppose to open as the tea draws. Did you find the taste pleasant, or was the tea more special because of how it reacts while drawing?

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Paul, I don’t recall if I’ve ever tried Enblish Breakfast tea – but, using using your reasoning, would make me a cross between Rooibos and Green? ;)

  3. Farazana Essa-Malek

    I’ve been there twice,being from sunny Durban …..the beautiful decor & divine macarons called out to me.I do prefer Myatt’s maca’s over Daniela’s(which I eat all the time,I might add)..the tea’s & the delightful tea-pots are quite superb.

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