Sunglasses, an African imperative

Sunglasses, an African imperative
I wouldn't even consider venturing out on a sunny day without sunglasses. The bright glare of the sun is so intense that I'm practically guaranteed of a headache of migraine severity if I spend any longer than thirty minutes in the sun without my trusty sunnies.

Most people are wise enough to buy sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection - I've even gone to the point of only buying only glasses with polarised lenses because (besides for reducing the brightness) they help reduce the glare from the road, water, or beach sand.

As someone I knew once said, you only have two eyes, so buy proper sunglasses. I don't know about you, but I reckon that's a pretty fair statement.

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  1. Paul

    Post author

    Steve, with the warm days that we’re having it’s hard to imagine freezing cold weather. Although, I guess, right now it’s hard for me to imagine the cold of winter!

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