A village-like hotel at Spier

Spier Hotel
I wrote two articles, including a brief review, about our stay at the Spier estate last week (one, two). Today I'd like to share this night-time photo of the hotel complex - doesn't it look extremely Grecian to you?

Each block of the hotel comprises four apartments, with some (like ours) overlooking lovely little swimming pools. The air on this particular night was warm and there wasn't any wind to speak of - it really was a relaxing atmosphere.

The Spier estate has a few restaurants at which you could dine, as well as a deli that sells the makings of a great picnic that you could enjoy on their lawns. Beware though that the deli is frightfully expensive and the estate prohibits private picnics (although, I've never seen this enforced).

Reader tip: The lawn in front of the deli is most often pretty noisy because of all the families with kids. If you're facing the lawn, walk about 200 or 300 meters to the right (in the direction of Moyo and 8 Restaurant). The first lawn the you encounter is a little quieter, but if you head on past the amphitheater (close to the hotel) you'll find peacefully quiet lawns.

2 thoughts on “A village-like hotel at Spier

  1. Caroline

    I find Spier very pseudo – it used to be so authentic but now it verges on being a theme park! But fun for tourists I suppose.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    You think so Caroline? I never really experienced it much like a theme park. Unless what you mean is that, with Moyo in particular, they try to make the experience as authentically African as possible. Oh, yes, they do have the Cheetah’s and birds and stuffs…

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