Jan Cats restaurant at the Stellenbosch Hotel

Jan Cats restaurant in Stellenbosch
Jan Cats is the bistro and bar at the old Stellenbosch Hotel, on the corner of Dorp Street and Andringa Road in Stellenbosch (map).

The restaurant was fairly quiet - I suspect because most of the the university students are away on holiday. They had a fairly large selection of meals to choose from and a number of special offers, including 40% off chicken and beef burgers. The food wasn't anything extraordinary, but perfectly acceptable (although, we'd recommend chicken over the beef patties). The day had been pretty warm, so what was great about the restaurant was that we were able to sit outside on the cool patio amidst huge oak trees, enjoying the peaceful evening atmosphere.

If it's a warm evening, and you're in the mood for pub/bistro-type food, and if there's place out on the patio - I'd recommend visiting Jan Cats. If you can't sit on the patio - I'd probably select another restaurant in Andringa Road.

6 thoughts on “Jan Cats restaurant at the Stellenbosch Hotel

  1. Natalie

    Have you ever been to Romantica (I think that’s what its called) in Stellenbosch? It’s a cafe/home furninshing boutigue. It’s just down one of the roads from the big white church.

    Sorry I am so vague, went there once on a fleeting visit to see my brother-in-law who studies in Stellenbosch. The cakes were delicious, and the little homefurnings gorgeous.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Natalie, the only Romantica that I can think of is La Romantica – the restaurant chain, of which I believe there is one in Stellenbosch. Although, based on your description I’m guessing this is not what you mean. :)

    I used Google Street view to find the church (I assume the one with the huge steeples) and found a place almost over the road from the church called Interior Concepts. They appear to sell homeware and allege to have a tea garden. Is this perhaps the place that you’re referring to?

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for your comment Dan. Stellenbosch sure does have a fair number of restaurants, though I’m not sure any place could have too many. ;)

    Thanks also for the links, I don’t believe we’ve visited Makaron Restaurant – we’ll be sure to give them a try!

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