No entry, crew only

No entry, crew only
I'm always tempted to go inside when I see signs like this. "No entry, staff only!", "Private, staff only!", "Only staff beyond this point!", "Keep out! Employees only!".

I often wonder to myself why signs like this one (especially in shops and restaurants) seem so aggressive. They have signs to welcome us and make us feel as though we, their clients, are super-important to them. In their marketing messages they even call us "valued clients". However, in their store or restaurant their signs are devised to be aggressive and intolerant. What's with that?

How about "No need to peek, there's nothing but very busy elves behind this door. Ring this buzzer or call 0800 555 1234 if you need a human's help."? Doesn't that sound a little more friendly, and a little more useful?

6 thoughts on “No entry, crew only

  1. Val

    A thought-provoking post and one with sentiments I thoroughly endorse. Perhaps the growing trend towards glassed-in kitchens open to restaurants is a change from the “keep out” attitude.

  2. Jonathan Carter

    Nice photo, we seem to find similar things interesting a lot of the times. I like the use of the red and black outlines on that texture, could look really cool on a pamphlet or cd cover. I think I’ll steal that idea some time :)

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Perhaps Val, perhaps. I’ve only come across such kitchens in upper-market restaurants though. I’m still afraid to see into the kitchen of more “regular” restaurants. :)

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one! And, yes, go ahead – I don’t think anyone will claim copyright to the idea. :) Are you planning on recording an album?

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