Salt Restaurant at the Ambassador Hotel

Salt Restaurant at the Ambassador Hotel
I took this photo from our table alongside the large windows that show off Table Bay and the great Atlantic Ocean. Salt, the Ambassador Hotel's restaurant, is perched directly above the hotel - which (as you can see) is positioned practically against the water's edge. Imagine staying here for a few nights - wouldn't it be just utterly sublime?

In my next post I'll tell you a little more about the awesome meal that we enjoyed, but for now, visit their website to see the beautiful photo taken of the view from inside the restaurant. It's truly a spectacularly romantic spot for evening dining.

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  1. Pamela

    We have been lucky enough to stay at the Ambassador twice, once in the main hotel and once in the suites across the road. Both times “off” season by the way, otherwise way beyond our price range. The views are incredible and memorable, particularly at sunset. I can’t tell you how many hours we spent just watching out the window. Breakfast with the windows open in the restaurant goes beyond description.

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