Beautiful ceiling fans

Ceiling fan

This must be the most beautiful ceiling fan that I've ever seen. The large blades remind me of a historical scene in which Cleopatra is relaxing in a boat on the Nile with servants fanning her with large leaves.

Truth be told, since the large room in which I found these is fully air-conditioned, from what I could tell these fans are more decorative than functional (although they work perfectly). Still, it's far nicer to imagine that the cool air filling the room is the result of such a pretty fan rather than a fridge in the ceiling, isn't it? :)

3 thoughts on “Beautiful ceiling fans

  1. Catharine Henn

    Hi Paul

    I have to agree. This is really a beautifull fan. Can you perhaps tell in which place have you seen this fan. I would like to know what make it is. I would love to have one. So if you can perhaps help me with some information, i would really appreciate it.

    Thank you so long
    Cahtarine H

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Catharine, the photo was taken at the Table Bay hotel – in the Atlantic Restaurant.

    I hope they can help with where to find these – they really are beautiful!


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