Dismantling a shipwreck off Blouberg beach

Dismantling a shipwreck
In September last year I posted a photo of this Turkish bulk carrier that had ran aground off Blouberg beach. The ship ran aground in June last year and by today's photo I guess you can see that she's still there!

I'm sure you can see that progress has been made in taking her apart, but still there's an awful amount of metal that's yet to be removed. Isn't it weird how easy it's for a ship to sail across the water and how difficult it is to remove it once run aground? I'm sure if it were possible that the ship would have been towed to Table Bay harbour for dismantling. :-/

2 thoughts on “Dismantling a shipwreck off Blouberg beach

  1. Alexander

    brilliant how salvagers seem to be using the ship’s own gear (cranes)
    for the dismantling.
    are you 100% sure this is the same ship ? because no.3 crane(s) look

    kind regards

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Yip, I’m pretty sure it’s the same ship Alexander. It is a little difficult to compare the photos since I zoomed in quite some for the second of the two photos.

    I need to take a look again, but I think she may still be there – or, well, parts of her at least.

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