Speeding fines and the Demerit Points System

A friend of ours bought one of these babies a few months ago - and oh my, it's an amazing beast of a car. He took us for a quick drive and, to be honest, the car had more of a superbike feel than the feel of a car. The roar of the engine, the sequential gear box, the acceleration and how close you feel to the the road is quite unlike anything else I've ever driven in.

The problem of course is the matter of speeding fines - and the other (and more serious) issue of the soon-to-be-introduced Demerit Points System. Under this system, whenever a traffic offence is committed a point will be awarded to the offender. Unfortunately, it's not the kind of point you're going to do the dance of joy over. An offender's license is suspended for three months once they exceed 12 points. That's serious stuff, considering our less-than-ideal public transport system.

Every three months a point is subtracted from one's balance - reinstating the license when the number of points reach 12. The thing is, if a license is suspended three times it's automatically cancelled. Now that's serious stuff!

9 thoughts on “Speeding fines and the Demerit Points System

  1. Jonathan Carter

    I support the demerit system! It will get a lot of idiots and assholes off from the roads!

    I checked what you have to do to lose 12 points and it’s quite a bit. If people really can’t control themselves then they don’t belong on the road. Period.

  2. Jude

    We’ve had a point system all my life in Colorado (and I turn 56 today). It seems as though most U.S. states have a point system. It isn’t so bad, really (although I just lost 2 points 2 weeks ago when I hit a straight stretch). Cruise control can help.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Jonathan, I agree that the system is the only way to get people to pay more attention. And yes, you’d have to be a really irresponsible driver to lose 12 points!

    Happy birthday Jude! That’s just a great birthday present – assuming you lost them today. :)

    Tara, well, no that won’t help for folk who prefer to overtake on blind rises or cut in where they shouldn’t. I think those guys are pretty much screwed. ;)

    Seriously though, yes, keeping speed under control is helpful, but reality is that sometimes responsible drivers also lose concentration and exceed the limit, and some times limits change so quickly that one ends up over the limit for a little while. But then, that’s why we have 12 points to play with – to take this into account.

  4. Paul

    Post author

    While there’s truth in your statement Jonathan, I’ve made the mistake, and not on purpose. Call me unobservant, a daydreamer, or call me careless; perhaps it’s true. Still this happens to most people from time to time. It’s a human condition, that we may get angry at, but it happens. If everyone was perfect then we wouldn’t need 12 points of grace – which is why the provision is made.

  5. Jonathan Carter

    Yep I agree. 12 points is plenty of enough point for people who make the occasional honest mistake. If that’s not enough for someone for those kind of mistakes, then they’re a danger to the road and shouldn’t be allowed to drive in the first place (or should perhaps seek some medical treatment for their condition?).

  6. Paul

    Post author

    Yeah, I think we have consensus. The medical treatment is also a valid point. Not always nice to admit that you may need it, but perhaps necessary for everyone’s sake.

  7. Shadung Raymond

    I think Point Demerit System is a very much important system in order to root out accidents and misbehaviour on our public roads,but it seems like more people still needs to be educated about it and it must be implemented nation wide as accidents dont only happen in Johannesburg,Tshwane or Cape Town.

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