Den Anker took my shoe!

Den Anker's shoe-beer
Den Anker is a popular upmarket restaurant at the V&A Waterfront that sells a large variety of dishes including super-fresh seafood.

One of the restaurant's most popular traditions is that patrons are required to hand over a shoe as deposit when purchasing one of these beers. This 8.4% Belgian Kwak beer is served in it's traditional round-bottom glass that by accounts is pretty darn expensive to replace, hence the clever shoe-deposit!

One thought on “Den Anker took my shoe!

  1. SheyMouse

    I have not been there, but there is apparently a pub in Brussels which takes your shoe, putts it in a large basket with the others and hoists it to the ceiling. Apparently this has been going on for some time.

    The Kwak beer is one of my favourites. Not a drink-till-you-fall-over beer, but a good sipping beer on a lovely evening.

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