Emily’s at the Waterfront

Clock Tower
Emily's, a restaurant in the Waterfront's Clock Tower precinct has this beautiful view of the Clock Tower, Table Bay Hotel, and harbour basin.

Even though the restaurant was empty (on a Friday night) the service wasn't very good. While expensive, the food was ok - but not particularly memorable. Also, it appeared as though the main meals were fairly different in size - leaving some of us still hungry after the meal.

Although the restaurant is beautiful inside, and has beautiful views, with the huge array of restaurants to choose from it's probably not a restaurant that we'd return to in a great hurry.

7 thoughts on “Emily’s at the Waterfront

  1. Jonathan Carter

    It’s a pity. Most restaurants at the V&A Waterfront I’ve been to have left me very much underwhelmed as well. Have you ever been to a restaurant at the waterfront that left you satisfied and with a feeling of “I can’t wait to go back there again one day!”?

  2. Cristina

    Not only sushi. I had a fantastic grilled salmon, once. They have two menu one regular and the other just sushi.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Jonathan, yeah, the Waterfront isn’t my favorite place to eat out. It’s a beautiful setting, but in general the restaurants underwhelm me – I think I always expect more.

    Cristina, I’ve eaten sushi at Willoughby’s once and wasn’t *that* impressed. It was ok, but based on the hype that I’d heard, I’d expected better. Specifically, I found that there’s not much atmosphere (it’s in a mall) and the sushi was far too large to eat comfortably without breaking it into two bites. That said, I’ve heard many people give glowing reviews, so perhaps it’s just us being too picky? :)

  4. Craig

    To save anyone the misfortune – avoid Emily’s at the Waterfront in Cape Town … what a disaster.

    Billing itself as “Restaurant of the Year Award / Best Fine Dining Restaurant” – you’d have better success at the Spur.

    I have no idea when last this establishment was reviewed – but something is horribly amiss as this is by no means “fine dining”

    *Service was non-existent = there was 1 single person in the entire
    restaurant playing waiter, barman, receptionist. 1 single person ! And
    this is a restaurant that proudly boasts ” an enviable reputation as one of the
    very best restaurants in South Africa” They must clearly be on a different

    *Food is clearly being missold = the menu advertises kabeljou … the fish
    served was most certainly NOT kabeljou – but instead a cheap, frozen
    alternative – more akin to a gamey yellowtail. The waiter / barman /
    receptionist was none the wiser.

    *You read copious pr blurb on their executive chef Johan Odendaal. He
    clearly was awol. The “chef” last night looked no older than 18.

    The place was deserted save for 5 tables. And now I know why.

    False advertising & knowingly ripping off clientele with ridiculous promises of a premium dining experience is NOT what you expect. If last night was anything to go by – Emily’s is on its way out.

    And not soon enough.

    Even at half price – I’d stay away

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