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Fanta Grape
Most people are familiar with Fanta Orange - it is after all the second drink that the Coca-Cola company produced after the original Coca-Cola. In South Africa we get two flavours of Fanta, the traditional orange flavour and the dark red grape flavour - shown in this photo.

I learned that Coca-Cola in Australia doesn't produce Fanta Grape, so I did a little research on the subject. I was surprise to hear that worldwide Coca-Cola produces several flavours of Fanta... so I wonder why we only get two.

What flavours do you get in your country?

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  1. Belinda

    We have “Shokata” here in Bosnia. Just looked it up on wikipedia and there they say there are 90 fanta flavours worldwide – who would have thought??

  2. Steve Crane

    Recently, in the last year or so anyway, there have been limited releases here in SA of Fanta flavours from other countries. One that I quite liked was a pink grapefruit that the can said is sold in Japan.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Belinda, Shokata appears to be elderberry and lemon – how interesting! Thanks!

    Hendrik, thanks for that – we don’t often buy softdrinks, but I inspected the fridges at our local Spar this evening and found the pineapple. I’ll try it some time!

    Steve, I never spotted Fanta Zero in our Spar in Durbanville. Where did you find Sprite Zero those limited releases?

    RiD1, I haven’t seen the strawberry one – but I can’t say that the sound of it appeals to me! Where did you find it and have you tried it yet?

  4. Steve Crane

    Those limited releases were Fanta, not diet either. They showed up in our drinks fridge at work and I saw the grapefruit one in a few shops. Never really looked out for other flavours.

    Found this March 2008 news release from Peninsula Beverage Co. announcing the limited release of two international Fanta flavours, Apple from Jamaica and Ruby Grapefruit from Japan.

  5. Jonathan Carter

    @Paul I’ve seen Fanta pinapple in Spar in Stellenberg, Bellville, but I don’t think it’s been sold for a while now. There’s also Fanta karnival (or something like that) that has kiwi in it.

    In Canada they have Fanta tangerine, but not Fanta orange. There’s some other big orange soda here and it seems like they don’t want to or can’t compete with it for some reason.

  6. Paul

    Post author

    RiD1, that’s interesting – the email address that you used on the two comments is the same… so let’s see if this reply gets to you. I’m guessing it was just a fault somewhere between the submit button and the gmail SMTP server. :)

    Thanks for the link – I’ll see if I can find it at PnP… although, I’m still not convinces of it being super-tasty!

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