Table Mountain trip : A view of Camps Bay (5#10)

Camps Bay
In case you missed it, see the previous post in this series.

Slightly to the right of the view shown in my previous post is this perspective of the up-market suburb of Camps Bay. The houses (and especially the beach-front ones) are worth several million Rands.

After looking more closely at this photo I discovered a couple of interesting things that I'd like to draw your attention to:

  1. The streets and homes on the right side of the photo appear to radiate outwards, away from an open field or common. I wonder why that happened.
  2. Camps Bay High School is almost perfectly located - you'll spot it and it's large green rugby field on the right of the photo. If you click on the photo to zoom in you'll see it's beautiful blue swimming pool.
  3. Just to the left of Camps Bay beach, a little way off shore, is what appears to be a circular grouping of rocks forming some kind of natural pool out at sea. Has anyone noticed this before? Have you been there?

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