Table Mountain trip : At the cable station (1#10)

At Table Mountain's cable station
Since we had a handful of Australian visitors living with us we decided to take them on the must-do Cape Town excursion - a tour up Table Mountain.

It's been very difficult to cull photos from the long list that I wanted to share with you, but I've managed to shorten the list down to 10. Over this and the next 9 posts I'll show you snippets from our trip that may entice you into visiting Cape Town and taking a trip to our table top.

In this post I'll share a tip with you that will probably save you plenty of time: Don't wait until you get to the cable station to purchase your ticket! Rather, visit the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway's website and purchase a ticket online. It's no more expensive and you're able to print your barcoded ticket immediately. When you arrive at the lower cable station, skip the long queue of people standing to buy tickets, and head on to one of the officials. Present your ticket, and join the queue that leads to the cable cars. You'll save heaps of time! :)

4 thoughts on “Table Mountain trip : At the cable station (1#10)

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  2. Pamela

    Love the “enticement” endeavour aspect of this series of photos! We are at 18 days and counting to the next trip. Keep them coming!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Sure will Pamela. Glad to hear that you’ll be visiting the Mother City so soon! Let’s hope for some great weather and fun times!

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