Table Mountain trip : View from the cable car (3#10)

View from the cable car
In case you missed it, see the previous post in this series.

The view from the cable car is quite unlike any other. The feeling of quickly rising up from the lower cable station to this majestic view is incredible.

To the left in the photo is Lion's Head, with Signal Hill stretching off to the right (just behind the stadium built for the 2010 football world cup) and way way in the distance, right in the middle, you can see the spot in the ocean known as Robben Island.

Have you ever hiked up Table Mountain? Did you know that hikers can get a one-way ticket costing only R45 from the top to the bottom before 09h30? If you've ever hiked up and down the mountain then you'll know that up takes longer, but down is a far less pleasant hike - so I'd say R45 is a real bargain.

5 thoughts on “Table Mountain trip : View from the cable car (3#10)

  1. EnmaBR

    When I opened the page, at first sight, I felt like falling O.O’
    I don’t know if it’s because I’m really sleepy and tired… But, it’s an awesome photo anyway!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    EnmaBR, thanks and yeah, not such a good idea to fall from here. The cable way company organised bungee jumps from the cable car a couple of years ago – imagine that!

    Thanks Helen – glad you’re enjoying them. I just confirmed on their FAQ page and they appear still to be offering the R45 one-way trip – but I guess they may have forgotten to update their website to reflect the change. Thanks for the info about the card – if we lived closer to the city I’d certainly have purchased a card.

  3. excinia

    Hi there

    On the 25th January 2013 i was on your cable car we bought photos but i have a problem now downloading them our number was TBLM301253235939,will really appreciate if you may assist in this regard.


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